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Arthur #1

by The Black and White Years

The name Arthur #1 is an inside joke and I don't expect anyone to get it. Let me try to explain.

Back in the 80's, my brother Greg (who drew the cover art) would make mix tapes on cassette and would label them silly things. One of those names stuck in my head: Arthur #1. I don't remember what was on the tape. Probably a ton of Pet Shop Boys and Madonna. Or it was just Christopher Cross. But the name stuck and I've been labeling my mix tapes Arthur ever since.

When John and I recently decided to release a series of EPs in an attempt to clear out the backlog of tracks I've recorded over the last 4 years, somehow it just seemed appropriate to name them Arthur. This EP was recorded and mixed between 2014 and 2018 at various locations in the Austin, TX area. -Scott-

All songs written, produced, performed by Scott J Butler.

Too Many Walls was co-produced by Danny Reisch at Good Danny's studios in Lockhart, TX. It was mastered by Max Lorenzen.